How a Moment Saved a Life

One of the greatest moments so far in the story of The ALC Foundation was when the emergency call came in to help an ALC Hospice family in need.  The patient was living at home with her granddaughter who was the only family and caregiver.  

The granddaugher called our nurse on a hot August day in a panic because the electricity had just gone out.  

The ALC Foundation Blog

How It All Got Started


Jennifer L. Vince, M.Ed., Executive Director, April 5, 2018

When Tony and Heather Siciliano originally approached me and suggested the creation of a Foundation, to say I was intrigued was an understatement.  It is a passion of mine to create and launch new organizations, and the concept of creating a hospice foundation to help those in need spoke to me on both a personal and professional level.  ALC is committed to not only caring for, but serving, every patient and family that  is entrusted in its care. Tony's personal experience with his father's home heath and hospice experience left a lasting impact on him that every minute, every action, every staff encounter matters on a profound level - and HIS organization must exceed the expectations of patients and family as a pillar of why we are do what we do.  

If there has been a patient in the past that Tony has had to turn away, it has deeply affected him; ALC takes on many patients with little or no insurance and not only wants to do more, but Tony and Heather are compelled to do more - to make a heartfelt difference for those who have healthcare needs on their life's journey.  That is why he established The ALC Foundation and that is why I came aboard to work side by side with Tony and Heather every day.

As we are putting the finishing touches on the creation of this amazing Foundation, I am looking forward to reporting back a year from now on the positive impact we have had on the lives of many ALC families, and I thank all of our future supporters, donors, and sponsors for joining us in making sure no ALC patient and family goes without the basic necessities to live with dignity.