Ways to Give to The ALC Foundation


“In Honor of”


Gifts to honor a family member or loved one with a donation in their name. You will receive a donor acknowledgment letter for tax purposes. 

Gifts of Appreciated Stock


You can realize tax benefits by donating appreciated assets (such as stock or mutual fund shares) to The ALC Foundation. You will likely be exempt from federal or state taxes on those capital gains, and you are making a donation that is more than what you initially paid for the stock or mutual fund. If your securities have decreased in value, you can offset capital gains by deducting the loss, as well as the cash donation. 

Charitable Gift Annuity


A Charitable Gift Annuity makes it possible for you to receive high returns on an asset for the rest of your life, and ultimately results in a charitable contribution to The ALC Foundation. A contribution of cash, stocks or bonds can be put into a gift annuity that will send you annual payments for life (or, if you prefer, the agreement can run for the lives of you and your spouse.) Contact The ALC Foundation office for additional information. 

End of Year Charity Donations


Making deductible donations to The ALC Foundation is an effective way of lowering your income tax bill each year, and if you forgot to include a donation on last year's tax return, you can certainly amend it to take a charitable contribution deduction. 

"In Lieu of Flowers"

 Let your friends and family know that you would like contributions to be made in your loved one’s name in lieu of flowers.  

Simple Bequest


When preparing a will, a contribution to The ALC Foundation may be included in the distribution of assets. Whether a specific dollar amount or percentage of assets, your estate planner or attorney can help you decide on the appropriate level of support you wish to bequeath. Inform The ALC Foundation office and we will include you in our ALC Legacy Club, and you can find out more about a gift agreement to direct the use of the contribution.